The signing agent services, provided by Signing Carolina, Inc., specializes in handling three types of mobile loan signings throughout the United States:

1. Witness-only (attorney supervised): These loan signings are supervised under the direction of an attorney. All orders are scheduled through Signing Carolina, Inc. who will coordinate the details between the attorney and the lender/title company. If you need title work done, please email us and we can refer you to an attorney who can assist.

2. Witness-only (no attorney supervision): These loan signings require witnessing and notarization. The loan signing agent would verify the identification of the borrower, make sure the documents are executed properly, notarized completely and the loan package returned promptly.

3. Full title closings:  Call us for all of your title work needs!  We work with several attorneys in NC who perform title work, including post closing matters.   

What is a mobile loan signing?
Mobile signings involve a notary public traveling to your borrower’s home or office to conduct the signing. This means your borrower usually does not have to make special arrangements to come in to an office or take time off from work. This is especially helpful when trying to coordinate the scheduling of a borrower and their spouse.

What is a split signing?
A split signing usually occurs when traveling to 2 or more locations to have the documents signed. An example may include traveling to both the borrower’s and co-borrower’s office to have the documents signed.

Why would I want to have my loan handled via a mobile service?
Having your loans signed in a mobile fashion is a step in offering top-notch customer service and convenience. Although a loan officer should be available by phone in case questions arise, essentially, the loan officer is available to pursue other business.

What happens if questions arise during the loan signing?
Usually, at the time of a loan signing, the loan officer has already discussed the terms of the loan, the HUD details and all the other finer points of the loan. However, even with the most diligent work of a loan officer, questions can arise. If questions arise during the loan signing, the loan officer, title company or attorney will be contacted immediately.

Will a Signing Carolina, Inc. loan signing agent give opinions to the borrower about the terms of their loan?
No. Our signing agent service requires that signing agents shall at no time give advice or offer any personal or legal opinions regarding the loan terms or conditions or about the parties involved in the loan transaction. We are not lawyers, therefore, we do not interpret the documents or verbally state any information that can be considered practicing law.

What are the responsibilities of the loan signing agents?
Aside from communicating with the borrower and lender to facilitating/coordinating the signing, a loan signing agent is also responsible for:
– Ensuring the documents are signed, dated and initialed properly.
– Notarizing all documents that require such notarization.
– Returning the documents in a timely manner.

We maintain a $1 million dollar Errors & Omissions policy.

Signing Carolina, Inc. provides complete signing agent services throughout the United States!

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