You may fax your own invoice to 800.930.0554 or submit the invoice below.

Please make sure all of these are completed!

  • Double checked all loan docs are in the package and nothing is left out (including borrower’s check if one is provided) and everything is securely clipped together with a binder clip.
  • Securely clipped any borrower checks to top of the package.
  • Neatly stacked the documents. They will shift during shipping so please use a clip to secure.
  • All pages are in order. For example, a four page Loan Application should be in order and not scattered thru-out the package.
  • All acknowledgement sections are stamped, signed and your notary expiration date is legible.
  • You followed any specific instructions you were given such as faxing back documents.
  • Got the package out ASAP. The documents must be dropped same day if closed by 3pm.

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If this is your first time working for our company this year, please complete a W-9 form and fax it to us at (800) 930-0554.